Hybrid Cloud

With Hybrid Cloud solutions from E2E Tech Solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of a pay-as-you-go cloud computing system with 24/7 support. As the name suggests, it fuses both public and private cloud platforms that allow for a two-for-one approach when it comes to system management. For example, you can leave Google Cloud to handle data archiving while you store, organize, and manage sensitive data with your own IT department.

Thanks to our team of experts, our Hybrid Cloud solutions will remotely manage your existing IT services to ensure responsiveness and security at all times. On top of that, it enhances cost-effectiveness, business continuity, and scalability without compromising daily business operations. And because the system is made up of two independently-functioning components - you can adjust the settings of one without jeopardizing the security of the other.

The benefits of Hybrid Cloud solutions include:

  • Flexibility - you can add or remove users as well as software applications as you see fit, ensuring the cost structure will always fit the size of your organization.
  • Easy usage - by eliminating software licensing and renewals since they're already included in the monthly service.
  • Network security - keep on-site data safe with an on-premise computer server.
  • Affordability - the "pay as you grow" model helps you control your IT budget and predicts ongoing expenses.