Don’t wait until your information
is compromised!
protect your business with E2E proactive
“threat protection service”.

Why pay monthly for E2E Threat Protection Service (TPS)?

  1. One Crypto Virus infection could encrypt years’ worth of valuable company data on your Servers and PCs!
  2. Cost of removing virus’ from your systems:
    1. Monitory cost of $1000s
    2. Downtime and Company/Employee Productivity Loss
    3. Data Loss, Priceless
  3. Proactive System Management and Monitoring:
    1. Our job is to reduce system downtime
    2. Reduce break fix and keep your systems running
  4. Secure your Internet connectivity, monitor user internet activity, filter content and increase employee productivity.
  5. Detailed device inventory, device health, network health, internet activity and anti-virus health reports.
  6. Don’t wait until you need E2E Threat Protection Services, then it might be too late…

What is E2E TPS?

  1. Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware (E2E AV/AM):
    1. Managed E2E Antivirus and Antimalware (AV/AM) protection (mac, pc & mobile).
    2. Real-time Protection for Files, Email and Browsing.
    3. AV/AM signatures are updated multiple times daily!
  2. Proactive Spyware/Malware/Virus Monitoring and Alerting:
    1. Nightly Threat Scans of every PC and Server on your network
    2. Nightly Scan logs are analyzed each day and critical infections are reported to the customer
    3. Most infections are detected and cleaned before they cause downtime and loss (extensive troubleshooting and cleanup extra)
  3. Operating System Updates, that are approved before they are installed on systems
  4. System Inventory and Health Reports upon request
  5. E2E Backup & Disaster Recovery (Local, Cloud and Hybrid) - price depends on device/data quantity
    1. Backups are a must, however most company backups are not monitored or tested
    2. We test backups by doing an actual restore of your backed up data periodically
      1. Each and Every backup is monitored daily. E2E Backups are configured to send daily email alerts
      2. May require additional local backup hardware
  6. E2E Email Security Services
    1. EMAIL Encryption/HIPAA Compliance: Send HIPAA / PCI compliant encrypted emails from Office 365 or via our award winning Barracuda Security Service
    2. EMAIL SPAM / VIRUS filtering: Enterprise level SPAM and VIRUS filtering. Protect your data, network and devices from SPAM, Viruses and Malware
  7. E2E enterprise-level Firewalls for every company: Block threats before they enter your network. Monitor Internet access and filter content, increase employee productivity.

How much does TPS cost?

Multiple levels of proactive threat protection:

  • LEVEL ONE is our basic managed Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware (E2E AV/AM*) Protection. Starting at $5 per device per month (Mac or PC).
  • LEVEL TWO includes Level 1 plus OS Patching, Remote Support portal/software, Remote maintenance/monitoring, System Inventory and Reports. $29.99 to $69.99 per month per device (hybrid to all inclusive). Price depends on quantity.
  • LEVEL THREE includes Levels 1 & 2 plus Malwarebytes End Point Protection (Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit, Anti-Ransomware) additional $5 per PC. Must have LEVEL TWO for this service.
  • LEVEL FOUR Encrypted HIPAA/PCI/SOX Compliant Local & Cloud backups. Starting at $75 per month.

Additional Proactive Threat Protection options:

  • E2E Email Security Services - Starting at $2.50 per email account per month.
  • Managed E2E enterprise-level Firewalls with Threat Protection and Web Filtering - Price depends on network size and features.
  • Servers: OS updates, Firmware Updates, Hardware Monitoring, Disk Space Monitoring, Backup Monitoring, plus more. $99 to $299 per month, depends on quantity.
  • Internet Activity Monitoring - call for pricing.

*Please Note: When considering which Level of service to purchase - OS (Operating System) Patching is very important to keep your environment protected. Antivirus and Antimalware can only provide partial protection if the OS is not patched. Plus the Remote Support portal/software will help you manage your users more efficiently. Additionally, the reporting feature provides a birds eye view of all of your devices on the network, patch health and AV health reports. Initial cleanup & installation may not be included in price.

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