Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your response in the event of a disaster can be the difference between continuing daily operations or permanently closing down. Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions from E2E Tech Solutions protect your data, meaning that you can resume business in a matter of minutes after a catastrophic event.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if ALL of your business data were to disappear? It doesn't take earthquakes or floods to cause data loss or operational disruptions -- even faulty sprinklers can severely damage electronic equipment. Not to mention staff members "accidentally" deleting sensitive information.

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions from E2E help with:

  • Data backups - moving it to our secured cloud platform on a daily basis to ensure data redundancy
  • Identifying and solving issues - before they cause you trouble
  • Penetration testing - ensuring backups are adequate by regularly testing data restoration techniques
  • Server backups - allow us to restore your entire server in a matter of minutes