About Us

A unique combination of business and technology skills for the ultimate IT solutions package

Business Skills

We have been doing IT work most of our lives. Working for various corporations, large, medium and small, we have developed business skills to properly communicate with all levels of management. Time, experience, education and communication skills allow us to communicate technology needs to our clients in clear English. We try to earn trust and longevity by taking ownership of projects, having an excellent work ethic and doing an exceptional job for our clients. This helps us build long term sustainable relationships with our clients.

Technology Skills

Every IT company has Technology Skills, however only few can tailor creative technology Solutions for their clients. Using our technical skills and experience, we provide technology to handle all types of business requirement with custom software design, software Cloud hosting, Cloud file services, Cloud email solutions, on premise servers, firewalls, networking infrastructure and phone technologies. We can support Microsoft products, all Apple devices, Proactive Managed Services, and much more.